The Centennial Logo

The logo represents the association’s constant evolution and gives the sensation of moving forward. It also represents the wind, the natural element that gave Chicago the name of “the windy city”. (AEJMC was founded in Chicago in 1912, and it is the site of our 2012 Conference.) The “wind” is divided in three, representing the 3 main groups that form the association: scholars, students and practitioners. It also represents sound, transmission and wireless connection.

The upper section of the graphic represents the sun, light, creativity and guidance that AEJMC has given for 100 years. The lower section of the graphic represents the flow and capacity of adapting and evolving during those years. It also represents Lake Michigan.

The logo will be used during our year-long celebration of the association’s 100th birthday. AEJMC member Eugenia Highland, a graduate student at Wisconsin-Madison, was commissioned to create the logo. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in design, branding, corporate identity and advertising. She worked in the creative department of Grupo Editorial Expansion, the Time-CNN affiliate in Mexico City.