AEJMC $100 for 100 Years Campaign

As you know, AEJMC is embarking on a campaign we are calling $100 for 100 years. Priorities of this campaign include providing a healthy endowment for the James Tankard top book prize and funding the Emerging Scholars Research Program. Monies will also be set aside for efforts to be determined later, perhaps in new media/new technologies. We want every member of AEJMC to contribute at least $100. Of course, anyone is welcome to give more; indeed, all Board of Directors members have pledged, and several have donated much more than $100.

The last time (perhaps the only time) we asked members for contributions was when we were paying off the mortgage on AEJMC’s building in South Carolina. The Centennial provides an opportunity for us to think about what AEJMC has done for us, professionally and personally, both as an association and at the individual level….and then to give back. It’s nearly a once in a life-time opportunity. Given that AEJMC has no development officer, I deeply appreciate this committee’s willingness to share their fund-raising wisdom and expertise. It will be chaired by Hubert (Hub) Brown, Associate Dean for Research, Creativity, International Initiatives and Diversity at Syracuse’s S. I. Newhouse School.

Just as everyone said “YES” when asked to serve, not only on these three initiatives, but also on all the other committees of AEJMC, so I expect that you will all say “YES” when asked to donate to your association.

(Excerpt from AEJMC President, Linda Steiner’s November 2011 column, New Projects…and New Ways to Contribute.)

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